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Travel With Your Tribe & Create Memories For Life

We make travel fun, easy and sociable.

With 50+ exciting group trips across Europe, we will organise accommodation, plan unique experiences, manage transportation and logistics, so you can relax, enjoy yourself and connect with other young travellers to explore vibrant new cities together.

We know what is important to you as a young traveller, which is why we have packed so much value in our tours – all for you!

Our exclusive trips include the coolest accommodations, fun-filled activities and unforgettable travel experiences which you would not find with other tour operators.

Plus, we give you heaps of free time, flexibility and optional add-ons so you can customise the perfect itinerary – make it your trip, your way. This is our defining feature.

This is the Wanderlust Trips difference.


Show me some trips!



Croatia + Slovenia Road Trip from Wanderlust Student Trips on Vimeo.


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Revolut is building a 21st-century banking alternative designed for your global lifestyle. It's like having a local bank account wherever you are.


Contact your local section and ask them for a link to get a free Revolut card.

Why Revolut?

✔️ Request and transfer money to anyone on Revolut instantly and free - perfect to split a bill or request money from a friend. ✔️ Free Revolut card delivered to you for free. ✔️ Free bank accounts in up to 25 currencies. ✔️ Free ATM withdrawals all over the world. ✔️ Free domestic and international transfers - no transfer fees and interbank exchange rates.   For more information contact your local ESN section.     In case your section doesn't provide you with the unique link for your free Revolut card, use this link.


ESN adopts a new logo

ESN Germany News - Mon, 05/08/2019 - 09:29

The Erasmus Student Network is proud to announce the adoption of a new logo and visual identity, endorsed in April 2019 during the Annual General Meeting in Thessaloniki by the members of the organisation.

The change is opening a new chapter for one of the biggest student organisations in Europe, in the year of its 30th anniversary. As ESN continues to evolve and face global challenges, it is only fitting that the visual identity reflects this evolution. Following the desire for more unity, brand recognition and modern look, extensive and interactive consultations spanning over 2 years were facilitated at all levels of the network. At the Annual General Meeting in Thessaloniki, these ideas have become reality as the representatives of ESN sections approved the update of ESN logo.

  Designed by Jan Hrubý, it is composed of the refreshed ESN star, the acronym “ESN” and the full name of the organisation below. The logos of the ESN Local and National Organisations are now created by adding their name in the second line of the descriptor.     Keeping up with the times, the new version ensures readability and it is optimised for digital use. Commemorating our history, we retain the strongest elements of the brand such as the colour palette and the logo’s core element, the star. The colourful branches, now of equal length, represent the diversity of the Erasmus Generation supporting each other.   Changing the face of the brand is never easy. That’s why the transition to the updated logo and visual identity system will happen gradually. Officially adopted by the international level in August 2019, it will be rolled out globally to the 40 National and over 520 Local Organisations by summer 2021. During the transition period, both versions of the logo will be allowed.     While updating our online presence with the new logo, we invite our collaborators and partners to use the updated ESN Media Kit

Global Citizenship in ESN's spotlight

ESN International news - Mon, 17/06/2019 - 12:43

Between the 19th and 22nd of May, members of the Erasmus Student Network and the Erasmus Mundus Association gathered in Brussels for the GlobErasmus training. It aimed at educating the participants about global citizenship and global competencies developed through different organisations and reinforcing them through workshops and training sessions with external partners with an overall goal of empowering the Erasmus alumni and volunteers.

GlobErasmus is one of many steps ESN is taking in expanding own horizons and keeping up with the developments of the new Erasmus programme which aims to expand globally.  The training allowed for new knowledge and a wider perspective on activities we are already implementing and the ones we could organise to ensure even larger impact and spread our mission of "students helping students" globally.

Right from the start, the participants had the opportunity to learn how different organisations approach the topic of global citizenship from guests such as Ajaree Tavornmas from Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM), Sebastiano Putoto from Young European Federalists  (JEF) and Jo Deman from World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM).

In the following days, participants continued to further explore the relation between their organisations and global citizenship education with a focus was on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Participants of GlobErasmus analysed activities of their own organisations that already tackle SDGs and explored new methods of approaching them.  Together, they began building a set of recommendations that address each of the SDGs in relation to the fields of actions of the organisations.

Finally, the goal of setting the ground for potential collaboration between ESAA members focused on the topic of global citizenship and competence will result in a Toolkit about Citizenship Education in ESAA organisations based on the inputs from participants of the GlobErasmus.

View this post on Instagram                      

A post shared by Erasmus Student Network (@esn_int) on Jun 3, 2019 at 4:45am PDT

The event was organised by the Erasmus Student Network and the Erasmus Mundus Association, in partnership with ESN Greece and funded by the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA).

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Section in the Spotlight, June 2019: ESN Lisboa!

ESN International news - Mon, 03/06/2019 - 10:47

The winner of the last Section in the Spotlight of this semester takes us to the south of Europe where the land meets the Atlantic ocean. We will be transferred to one of the nicest European capitals which is famous for the dessert called pastels. Let’s meet the winner of this month - ESN Lisboa.

The section was founded in 2008 by nine former exchange students. Even though there are multiple universities in the city, they decided to found only one section to establish good relations with all universities. ESN Lisboa has been growing quite fast, especially due to a high number of former exchange students. Nowadays there are 60 active members who work in eight section departments (e.g. Sports and Trips, Integration and Cultural Events, Human Resources) and are managed by six board members.

Every semester ESN Lisboa recruits new members. Whoever wants to become a member of the section has to go through an interview with experienced members. After that, potential members help for a month with the section’s agenda and then they are evaluated and promoted to junior members. After  3 more months, the General Assembly votes on the seniority and junior members become full members of the section.

Not only do they have a strong team of current members, but ESN Lisboa also cooperates with section Alumni. The Alumni network provides the section with guidance and support whenever it is needed. To fully integrate Alumni into the section’s work, there is an annual gathering called the History Day organised. Alumni have a chance to tell their stories to the current members and remind them of the history of the section itself.

As it was said earlier, section members are its most valuable asset, therefore, there are many events organised to strengthen their relationships, keep their motivation and teach them more about ESN. For example, the Team Buildings take place every semester and they are targeted especially at newbies. The event is aimed at teaching newbies everything about ESN through a series of workshops with examples of real-life situations and how to deal with them. Last but not least, there is an event called ESN Lisboa Upgrade. This event is also organised for its members and is dedicated to all section positions and their specifications, especially to the transition of new candidates who achieve the important positions within the section.

Apart from internal events, ESN Lisboa organises lots of events for exchange students. Working in a lively city like Lisbon brings many opportunities to integrate international students into the local way of living. It is worth mentioning that members of the section organise the event called Surf Days where international students can learn how to surf. Furthermore, there are trips to other Portuguese cities, hiking trips to national parks nearby, events like indoor climbing and many more sporting activities.

ENS Lisboa also organises parties during each semester. At the beginning of the semester, there is the biggest Mega Welcome Party where more than 1 000 students have fun and meet each other. In addition, the section organises PubCrawls, free live concerts, Quiz and Movie Nights and Pool Parties etc.

In ESN Lisboa members believe that integration is meant to be implemented not only between exchange students but also between exchange and local students. To maintain this they use Papaya Buddy System where there are more than 600 registrations per semester. In order to help international students with their start in the new city, the section members publish the Welcome Book. This almost 100-page guide consists of all information needed for better integration of international students. There are tips for moving abroad, information about the city, accommodation, universities, ESN events, traditions, must-see places and more.



ESN Lisboa also put an emphasis on social issues. They believe that the Erasmus+ programme is a strong tool to bring about change. Thanks to a successful application for an ESAA grant the members were able to help a disadvantaged community in central Lisboa, for example, help a family of a single mother with four children to rebuild their apartment. The section organises many more events aimed at social issues where they help local communities, homeless people, abandoned animals etc.


The principle ‘students helping students’ is taken very seriously in ESN Lisboa. The section with its 10-year-long history has been working ever since to become a place where members can find not only friends but become a family of ESNers who they can always rely on. And thanks to their hard work and tons of events organised every semester, they assure the unforgettable memories and experiences for international and local students.

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Section in the spotlight, May 2019: ESN Oviedo!

ESN International news - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 15:06

The story of ESN Oviedo started back in 2011 when they became a section of ESN Spain. A year later, their voices were already loudly heard. A thousand voices to be exact - during a national event, a thousand people gathered and sang the regional anthem, the Asturian one, breaking a world record. What a way to start their journey that will sometime after lead them to spotlight!

ESN Oviedo works in an efficient team made out of a five-member board and a General Assembly - all section members that have the right to propose any topic and contribute to the development of the section with new ideas. This way, everyone is included in the work of the section. On the other hand, members work in committees specialised on certain fields, always bearing in mind to follow the causes of ESN. The events cover sports, parties, socially inclusive and cultural events. In fact, some of these events earned them recognition not just within the network, but all around their local community as well!

There is no better way to bond than through sports and culture.

To keep their students active and in good health, ESN Oviedo organises dynamic sports events, such as football, volleyball, basketball and rugby matches or hiking and promenades in nature. Not to forget the perks of being on the coast - beach volleyball and surfing are often on the ‘events menu’.

Activities that serve to have students bond with the locals and between themselves are also numerous, and they include international dinners, speed friending, or the heartwarming “Host an Erasmus for Christmas”. Making the students feel like an important part of the community comes with organising blood donations, strolls to animal shelters, and visits to the nursing home.

ESN Oviedo tries hard to introduce the incoming students to not only Spanish but also to the regional and local culture, by organising city tours telling the beautiful history of the Asturias region in order to let the Erasmus students know the area in depth. However, the Spanish culture gets its time to shine during events such as Tandem, Film and Poetry Evenings that also aim to improve the students’ language skills.

Feeling the region through cultural exchange.

These inclusive and cultural exchange-pumped events do for sure make them constantly proud, but there is one certain activity that made noise all over the Asturias region. For two years, ESN Oviedo organised Rural Erasmus in Schools (EiS), while the next year’s event is already in the making.

Last year, the section paid a visit to a school in Panes, a very rural village situated on the eastern boundary of Asturias that has only 568 inhabitants. The purpose of this Rural EiS was to show the Erasmus students another part of Asturias, its unique and ancient culture, and to give the local students the opportunity to have direct contact with other cultures which they may not have the chance to meet due to the isolation of their village.

This year, they tried to go even further. In March, they organised a whole Rural EiS Weekend in Grandas de Salime, a village of 853 inhabitants situated on the western boundary of Asturias, in a unique area with a very special cultural mixture of Galician and Asturian features. In this very traditional and rural landscape, there was only one school in the village, which they visited with eight international students.

Among other things, the international students presented their countries to primary school students through facts, traditional dances and food; had a chat and a debate with secondary school students; lived the experience as pilgrims; visited the “castros” (traditional and ancient houses of the inhabitants of these valleys) with local children to learn about the carnival traditions and “fala”, the endangered language of the area. Thanks to this activity, ESN Oviedo appeared on the regional Asturian television (TPA), in the main regional newspaper (La Nueva España) and took part in an interview with a Youtube radio, where the international students talked about the weekend and the benefits ESN Oviedo brings for them.

Now, why is this activity so precious and valuable? Because ESN Oviedo managed to introduce international students to the rural and traditional areas of the region, to promote the culture of the region, to provide the locals with a touch of different countries’ cultures, and to promote international students as the ambassadors of intercultural learning and global citizenship. What a way to work for the right cause!

Family and friendship above all.

Since they were founded in 2011, ESN Oviedo has achieved a lot. Last year alone, they managed to double the number of their members and days of Welcome Week and increased the number of their trips, showing unknown places in Spain to their international students.

They say for themselves that they are a small section, but able to make a real impact on the international students and the local society, especially by carrying out projects such as Mov’in Europe and Erasmus in Schools. As they are the only ESN section in Asturias, they consider themselves responsible for the internationalisation of the region. Except for making their region a better place, their motivation also comes from the inside, from the section itself. They believe everyone should feel like they belong to a family, and that is how they treat their members and international students.

ESN Oviedo is one big family of mobility ambassadors that tries hard to leave an impact on both Erasmus students and their region while having great fun on the road. What more can you wish for from your ESN section?


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Erasmus Student Network to receive the Médaille Charlemagne 2019

ESN Germany News - Thu, 11/04/2019 - 13:37

The Erasmus Student Network has been awarded the Charlemagne Medal for European Media (Médaille Charlemagne pour les Médias Européens). This medal has been awarded since 2000 in the run-up to the Charlemagne prize ceremonies to a European personality or institution, who or which has or have particularly served the process of European unity and the formation of a European identity in the field of the media. The award ceremony will take place on 23rd May in Aachen.

Curious young people open to the world

By awarding this 19th Charlemagne Medal, the board of trustees of the “Médaille Charlemagne” is honouring the network’s services as trans-European. ESN, as a student association, not only supports students in completing a semester abroad but also basically pursues the goal of bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds. In its justification, the board of trustees accordingly states that a united Europe can only function when people start to think of themselves as European (although without losing their national identities). “It is essential that we get to know other countries, their cultures and mentalities for this purpose. Relationships are built up and resentment reduced by studying and living in a different country, by meeting and exchanging views with foreigners. We need curious young people who are open to the world. As supporters of a united Europe, they must stand up for its values. In an age when the voices against a common Europe are growing ever louder, the ESN publicly stands up for a united Europe”.   
The Erasmus Student Network is one of the largest, interdisciplinary student organisations in Europe. It looks after exchange students, who usually have a place on the Erasmus programme, and helps them become integrated in the locality. The network is made up of 529 sections in 39 countries throughout the world, which support a total of 350,000 students on Erasmus scholarships.

Bringing people together

“Europe is in a deep crisis. It is frightening if you see how negligent we are with the achievements of the last seventy years. I sometimes ask myself the question of how long this Europe will survive and whether, at some time, will lose the basis for awarding the Médaille Charlemagne“, wonders Michael Kayser, chairman of the “Médaille Charlemagne” association, today on the announcement of the current prize winner in Aachen. What is missing is emotions. Many people know Europe nowadays that mainly places the accent on economic aspects, “in contrast, the Erasmus Student Network brings people together and awakes these emotions that are so important to identify with Europe.”


Symbol for the future of the European project

The Lord Mayor of Aachen, Marcel Philipp, reminds us that a longer period abroad spent learning and working is a whole lot more than just a subject-related part of your education. Associated with this is immersion in another culture, living and thinking in a foreign language and getting to know other points of view. Above all, however, it is encounters with people from different countries that often create life-long friendships and build up professional networks. In his own words: “The Erasmus programme has ensured that precisely this is possible for millions of young Europeans for 32 years now. Particularly in the current difficult times, in which Europe is under pressure, Erasmus is a symbol of hope, one that stands for the future of the European project, for tolerance and acceptance, for cross-border contacts and cooperation, for variety and, at the same time, for European unity.”


Europe as an opportunity

Dr. Jürgen Linden, chairman of the Charlemagne Prize directorate, emphasised that inter-state resentment within Europe is becoming ever larger against a united Europe and that the calls for national demarcation are becoming ever louder. According to Dr. Linden, “the best ambassadors for such a Europe are the young people who know Europe not just from the papers or from the news, but who have experienced Europe themselves, who know what it is like to move across a Europe without borders and have gotten to know foreign people and cultures.” He believes that the Erasmus Student Network starts its work precisely at this point: “Exploring the variety of Europe, getting to know other cultures is a major component of this work. Europe is without exception understood as an opportunity. Receptiveness and curiosity toward other people and cultures are decisive factors, which all students should fulfil.“

The prize

The prize is donated by the “Médaille Charlemagne pour les Médias Européens” association, to which the following institutions belong: the City of Aachen, the City of Maastricht, the German-language society of Belgium, the NRW State Institute for Media  Film- und Medienstiftung NRW GmbH, Arte - the European cultural broadcaster, BBC World News, Deutsche Welle, EOS Entertainment GmbH, Euronews, Discovery Networks Deutschland, Zeitungsverlegerverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e. V. and Gesellschaft für die Verleihung des Internationalen Karlspreises zu Aachen e. V. The association was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the NRW State Institute for Media and the City of Aachen.

Among the long list of prize winners of the Médaille Charlemagne we can find well-know initiatives as the Eurovision Contest (2016) or the European Film Academy (2014), as well as personalities of the world of arts and letter as the publicist Lord George Weidenfeld, the producer Jan Mojto or the director Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Check more about the Médaille Charlemagne pour les Médias Européens at .

Section in the Spotlight, April 2019: ESN AGH Kraków!

ESN International news - Fri, 05/04/2019 - 10:30

This month’s edition of Section in the Spotlight will take us to central Europe. To the section which organises countless events, shows the culture of the city, and cooperates with other sections to bring unique experiences to incoming and also, local students. Read more about the inspirational members of the section ESN AGH Kraków!

ESN AGH Kraków was founded in 2006 by two members of the Students’ Council of AGH University of Science and Technology as an answer to the need of taking care of international students. Nowadays, the section consists of 72 regular members who do an amazing job every day.

There are many reasons for this. The first one being the carefully organised recruitment that takes place twice a year and consists of a couple of phases. Firstly, there is the promotion of the section consisting of public stands around the university with the introduction of the section and its function. Then, the students who are interested - both local and international - can fill in the application form and are invited to an assessment center. The last phase is a personal interview with potential candidates.

Also, there are many events organised for members. The most important one is the Newbies Camp. This event is a perfect way for newbies to get to know other members, boost their motivation, and pair with more experienced members as their buddies who are there to show them the ESN world in detail. Apart from this event, there are regular meetings such as ‘Workshops Weekends’ and ‘Saturday with ESN’ which three other sections from Kraków join and there are internal and external trainers invited, too. Finally, it is vital for ESN AGH Krakow to keep the family atmosphere so they usually organise celebrations of Easter and Christmas for all their members.

International students are fully involved in the section’s work. They attend the recruitment events, help to organise the flagship project of the section and also help the university’s Office of Foreign Affairs with leaflets, videos, etc. ESN AGH Krakow even has its own band run by international students!

To welcome international students there is the Orientation Week prepared for them every semester. Karaoke Party, City Game, visit to Weliczka the Salt Mine and weekend trips are not missing. Also, ESN AGH Kraków does their best to organise cultural events such as visiting local museums, going to philharmonic concerts, celebrating Christmas in a traditional way or planning cooking classes where international students can learn how to cook traditional Polish meals. A great weekly event which should be mentioned is the Tandem organised in cooperation with ESN Kraków United. During the event international students and also ESNers have a chance to try to talk to each other in several languages.

The flagship project of the section is Exchange Zone. It is a cyclical event which promotes mobility and culture among Polish students. The main idea is sharing experiences of students who have been on mobility in a chosen country and show its culture with the help of an international student from the same country.

The section also promotes events leading to inclusiveness. In the frame of ExchangeAbility the event called ‘You don’t need eyes to see’ takes place. During this event, attendees experienced what it's like to visit a museum as a blind person. The section also works on video episodes of ABLE TO MOVie where Kraków is shown as an accessible city and mobility is promoted among people with disabilities. For the SocialErasmus project the section is involved in the Noble Box Projects where they collect money and prepare Christmas presents for people and families who struggle financially. Also leaving international students can give their stuff they don’t need anymore to incoming students and help them to save some money. For all of this ESN AGH Krakoów within the ESN Kraków United was awarded as The Most Inclusive Section in Poland.

The section also promotes projects such as ErasmusIntern, ESN Survey where their alumni are the international coordinator, and ESNcard. Regarding ESNcard there is an ESNcard party held where partners and activities are promoted. Last but not least, ESN AGH Kraków contributed to the origin of International Erasmus Games in 2015.

The members of ESN AGH Kraków are not only visible within the section. Thanks to the promotion of the national and international level of ESN to the members, they are very active there. They even got the title as the best within the ESN Poland Association and the section with the biggest involvement. They eagerly implement new projects and best practices from both levels. There are regular meetings to discuss current projects and everything happening in the network.

The sentence which describes ESN AGH Kraków the best is: ‘We never give up’. They eagerly work to bring the best experience to the incoming students, to involve local students and help the whole network. Their biggest success was the organisation of this year’s CNR. Apart from their own events and activities planned every day they are also proud of the section cooperation which exists since 2012: ESN Uni Wien, ESN BME, ESN BFI, ESN BOKU, and ESN Usti. One can say that ESN AGH Kraków are unicorns among the ESN network - by the way, this thought is also proven by their choice of the mascot!

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ESNsurvey 2019

ESN Germany News - Sun, 17/03/2019 - 13:02

ESNsurvey 2019 is the 13th edition of the traditional surveys that has started since 2005 made by the ESNsurvey team in order to explore current issues connected to academic and non-academic mobility and education.


It is supported by the European Commission and is disseminated in collaboration with 39 countries of the Erasmus Student Network, whose sections are present at more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions around Europe.

This edition covers the topics of Erasmus students and their sense of citizenship in political, civil and social actions. How changed are the lives of these students after their exchanges? What is the impact of Erasmus+ in students who through the programme have the opportunity to meet new cultures, new friends, live in an international environment?

With the questionnaire we aim at understanding the difference between these students and those who never had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme. Our research is going to focus on the impact of the abroad experience in the participation of international students in society. Does going abroad make students more engaged at a political, civil, and social level? What are the particular aspects of active citizenship gained through the abroad experience? Does this have an impact on their opinion about the European Union, as the entity that finances the Erasmus+ Programme? And on their voting behaviour? How do these elements interact with each other? The findings obtained through the Questionnaire are published and will be used as recommendations to all stakeholders involved in student mobility. The previous ESNsurvey Reports can be found at  and we invite you to read the key findings.


>>> <<<

Section in the Spotlight, March 2019: ESN Cluj-Napoca!

ESN International news - Fri, 01/03/2019 - 16:27

Trips to the heart of Romania, plenty of socially inclusive events, World Cafes, and a determined team of volunteers - all of this combined describes our March edition of section in the spotlight!
ESN Cluj-Napoca, the first section of ESN Romania, was founded in 2004, and now welcomes the biggest number of Erasmus+ students in the country, from all four of the universities in the city.
A good team doesn’t come unprepared
Having a large number of students requires great care and knowledge from the members. For this reason, ESN Cluj-Napoca recruits newbies twice a year. To keep the members educated, they hold General Meetings - regular departmental meetings, that include monthly workshops based on previous National Platforms or international events.
Before the semester kicks off, they organise a day dedicated specifically to newbies where they are taught the basics of ESN, ESN causes, and the way the section works. It is easier to memorise all of that information in a pleasant atmosphere, and for that reason the newbies take part in team-building games, followed by a dinner to get to know each other and connect with one another.

Now that they are all set to go…
After all these preparations, it is time to kick off the semester with daily activities running on for two weeks, which include buddy-student meetups, a professional city tour, visits to museums, a treasure hunt, speed friending, board games evenings, quiz nights on various topics, and many more. Erasmus Sports Competition, a local edition of International Erasmus Games, follows not long after, to keep the young muscles fit for the upcoming semester.

To show that Erasmus is not only about partying and sports, ESN Cluj-Napoca organises a rich programme promoting inclusiveness, not only during the Social Inclusion Days. They focus on the integration of the incoming students in the community and organise all kinds of events, such as: World Cafes, where they debate how they can fight discrimination; photo exhibitions based on the ESN causes; social thematic oriented Movie Nights, Blind Dates where participants are blindfolded; Erasmus in Schools to talk about stereotypes; Share a Smile Day in parks to spread hugs and smiles; and of course, visits to dog shelters to raise awareness of animal well-being. 


Nothing beats good old Dracula
But the activities that they believe are their flagship ones, are their trips. Romania is a large country with amazing landscapes and captivating folklore and legends, so it is no wonder that the trips are very successful. ESN Cluj-Napoca organises a one-day trip to Turda Salt Mine - a historical salt mine that after restoration became one of the most popular underground attractions of the area; a trip to Maramures, the heart of folkloric medieval Romania, and a trip to Moldova - the land of monasteries.
Furthermore, they participate in all national events: Escape to Vama Veche, a trip that marks the beginning of summer by heading off to the sandy beaches of the Black Sea’s Vama Veche; and Halloween in Transylvania - an adventure through Dracula’s realm.

Sharing (your culture) is caring

To show that Erasmus isn’t an exclusive community, ESN Cluj-Napoca tries hard to involve local students in their activities, make them meet the incoming students, and learn about their diverse cultures. Therefore, they have original events such as Travelling Evening, during which local students can learn how to travel on a budget, an international flag parade, or Intercultural Evenings where the students represent their countries through facts, traditional dishes and specific activities. At the same time, close connections with other NGOs and student organisations help to integrate incoming students into the community by organising activities and trainings (such as the one of Red Cross for first aid).

ESN Cluj-Napoca doesn’t stay local
The hard work of ESN Cluj-Napoca’s members isn’t only visible on the local level – on the contrary, they also actively take part in the work on the National and International levels, so in the past year alone they have had three of their members in the National Board, three members in the Communication Committee, and three members in the Network Committee.
The section’s oldest members encourage their volunteers to get involved on the other levels by telling their own experiences and stories, as well as trying to support them financially in their travel costs, with the help of universities.

All it takes is...

As a section that has been around for 15 years, they have had their ups and downs, but the determination and motivation of its members has kept it going all this time.
What are the reasons behind it? As they say, good knowledge transfer between generations, constant cooperation with the biggest university in Romania, and involvement in the higher levels of ESN.
At the same time, they never forget their roots and always represent them with pride. No wonder Erasmus students love coming there!


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Europa gehört auf den besten Sendeplatz!

ESN Germany News - Wed, 27/02/2019 - 18:20

In einem offenen Brief und starken proeuropäisch-überparteilichen Schulterschluss wenden sich die Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten Deutschland, die Europa-Union Deutschland, die Europäische Bewegung Deutschland, der Deutsche Bundesjugendring sowie die Parteijugenden Junge Union, Jusos, Grüne Jugend sowie die Jungen Liberalen an ARD und ZDF. Sie fordern die Übertragung des europäischen Spitzenkandidaten-Duells zur Europawahl 2019 in ARD und ZDF zur Primetime. Noch immer haben sich die Sendeanstalten zu dieser wichtigen Frage europäischer Demokratie nicht eindeutig geäußert. Die JEF Deutschland hat diesen Brief im Rahmen ihrer Europawahlkampagne initiiert.

Textlaut des Offenen Briefes:

Sehr geehrter Herr ARD-Vorsitzender Wilhelm,

Sehr geehrter Herr Intendant des ZDF Bellut,        

am 26. Mai 2019 ist Europawahl. Die europäischen Parteifamilien und Parteien haben mittlerweile ihre Spitzenkandidatinnen und Spitzenkandidaten für diese Wahl gekürt. Es kommt jetzt darauf an, für Bürgerinnen und Bürger die Möglichkeit der Information über die unterschiedlichen Personen und Positionen zur Europawahl zu schaffen.

Medien spielen hier eine zentrale Rolle. Wir begrüßen Ihre bereits gemachten Zusagen zu einer ausführlichen europäischen Berichterstattung in 2019. Bei anderen Wahlen in Europa, Bundestags- und Landtagswahlen haben sich allerdings zu Recht TV-Duelle der Spitzenkandidatinnen und Spitzenkandidaten etabliert. 2014 übertrug bereits Phoenix das TV-Duell zur Europawahl. Bereits 2014 forderten aber fast 30.000 Menschen die Übertragung in der ARD und dem ZDF zur Primetime.

Gerade vor der anstehenden Europawahl, die bereits jetzt ungleich mehr Beachtung findet als die Europawahl 2014, muss es 2019 deshalb endlich das TV-Duell der Spitzenkandidatinnen und -kandidaten zur Primetime in ARD oder ZDF geben!

Vor allem mit Hinblick auf Europa ist es wichtig, die demokratische Meinungsbildung zu fördern. Auf diese Weise werden Wählerinnen und Wähler über die verschiedenen Positionen der Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten informiert. Das ist entscheidend für eine funktionierende Demokratie. Gerade in Zeiten, in denen der politische Dialog zunehmend polarisiert ist und ein Austausch zwischen gegensätzlichen Meinungen nur noch sehr selten stattfindet, hilft ein TV-Duell aller Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten, fundierte Entscheidung zu treffen.

Nur zur Primetime in den beiden größten öffentlich-rechtlichen Sendern wird ein, der Bedeutung des Europäischen Parlaments angemessenes, ausreichend großes Publikum erreicht. Sollte ein Kandidat oder eine Kandidatin das TV-Duell nicht in deutscher Sprache bestreiten können, hilft eine Simultanübersetzung. Wir sind uns sicher, dass eine Simultanübersetzung auch bei den Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauern akzeptiert wäre – wie die Ausstrahlung des Eurovision Song Contest zur Primetime zeigt. Die Bedeutung europäischer Demokratie darf nicht von der Sprache ihrer Spitzenkandidatinnen und -kandidaten abhängig gemacht werden!

Als öffentlich-rechtliche Sender haben Sie im Vorfeld der Europawahl 2019 die Chance, aber auch die besondere Verantwortung, mit einem solchen Fernsehduell europäische Geschichte zu schreiben. Wir zählen auf Ihr Mitwirken, die europäische Demokratie zu stärken!

Eine Liste mit allen Unterzeichnern findet ihr auf der Website der Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten Deutschlands

ESN Deutschland nun Teil des VDSI (Verband Deutscher Studierendeninitiativen)

ESN Germany News - Tue, 26/02/2019 - 16:20

Am vergangenen Wochenende fand der 9. VDSI-Kongress in Hofgeismar bei Kassel statt. Anwesend waren insgesamt 14 Initiativen, darunter auch ESN Deutschland. Wie schon bei vorherigen Nationalen Plattformen in Köln und Halle angekündigt wurde, hat sich ESN nach einem Jahr Beobachterstatus darum bemüht, volles Mitglied zu werden. Bei der offiziellen Mitgliederversammlung des VDSI am Samstag, den 23.02.2019, wurden wir dann durch die anderen Mitgliedsinititativen offiziell in den Dachverband aufgenommen.

Eine kurze Auffrischung: Was ist der VDSI eigentlich? Der VDSI ist ein 2014 gegründeter Dachverband, der seit letztem Samstag insgesamt 13 studentische Initiativen umfasst, die in den verschiedensten Gebieten des studentischen Ehrenamtes angesiedelt sind. Der Leitsatz des VDSI ist, die gemeinsame, gelebte und gehörte Stimme des deutschen studentischen Ehrenamtes zu sein. Die verschiedenen Initiativen haben die Möglichkeit sich zu vernetzen durch sogenannte Lokalrunden, einen gemeinsamen Trainerpool und natürlich die Kongresse, die zweimal jährlich stattfinden. Auch Interessenvertretung gegenüber verschiedenen Hochschulakteuren spielt hier eine Rolle sowie die Möglichkeit auf seine eigene Initiative in der Zeitschrift "Engagier Dich" (in Kooperation mit Campushunter) aufmerksam zu machen.

Wir freuen uns Teil dieses neuen Netzwerks zu sein und erhoffen uns für die Zukunft eine produktive Zusammenarbeit, um gemeinsam das studentische Ehrenamt weiterentwickeln und vor allem sichtbarer für die Gesellschaft machen zu können.

An dieser Stelle möchten wir natürlich dem Vorstand des VDSI danken, der uns in unserem Jahr als Beobachter so tatkräftig unterstützt hat und vor allem auch den anderen Initiativen, die uns so herzlich aufgenommen haben. Wir sind voller Vorfreude auf zukünftige Kooperationen und die Zusammenarbeit an Projekten und gemeinsamen Zielen.

Unsere Vertreter Natalie Simon (2. von links) und Julia Bauer (2. von rechts) zusammen mit dem Vorstand des VDSI, (von links nach rechts) Adrian Schmidt, Jonas Stein, Eric Heide, Mathis Engelbart.

Section in the Spotlight, February 2019: ESN-EYE Lodz!

ESN International news - Fri, 01/02/2019 - 13:04

Eager to know who Section in the Spotlight is this month? The section comes from the third biggest city in Poland, their members can be met basically at every ESN event and it is also a home section for one of the IB members. Sit down with a cup of coffee and give a round of applause to ESN-EYE Łódź.

ESN-EYE originated in 1999 and was first a part of former organisation European Youth Exchange Poland. After the organisation stopped running, ESN-EYE didn’t give up and joined ESN. Currently, the section is managed by 5 board members working together with 14 project groups including Social Inclusion, Erasmus Games, and many more.

The section is unique in many ways. One of which is their recruitment process. First of all, there are promotional events at each faculty and special meetings where the activities of the section are presented. Candidates then get a buddy to help them to get involved. After a semester of work, they are invited to an interview and the most motivated people are accepted. This process ensures high quality of section members. 

Then it is very well cared for by section members. Not only are there informal meetings for new members with their buddies, a 3-day training and an integration event take place twice a year. Eduk8ers, Alumni and section trainers are invited to hold workshops for participants. Apart from this, there are informal events such as bowling nights or visits to escape rooms every month.

Regarding the international students, the members of ESN-EYE try to make them get the most out of Polish culture. The biggest event is “Murals Trips” when Erasmus students discover the street art around Łódź.

“In our opinion, it is important to provide Erasmus students with unusual, extraordinary experiences, to make their stay in Poland unforgettable - to throw themselves into things they wouldn’t experience back home or on their own”, says Dominika Jastrzębowska, President of ESN-EYE.

They also organise Canoe Trip and Integration Weekend. Regarding Canoe trip, it is a one day trip by bus, all day spent canoeing and finished off with a barbecue. Integration Weekend is aimed at international students, ESN Members and Mentors (the ones that aren’t ESN Members) and is considered as the most successful event of the section. The event is held at the beginning of every semester with almost 180 participants getting out of town. Through different games and sporting activities, participants get to know each other.

The biggest section event annually organised is the Academic Job Fair. This event is organised only by students from ESN-EYE and other four student organisations focusing on students and their familiarisation with companies. The companies come from fields such as IT and management. During AGM Costa Brava 2018, the event got an award for careerSTAR.

Furthermore, the section can be proud of their collaboration with the university. Thanks to the fact that some ESNers work in the Student Assistance Office, they directly help Erasmus students with documents. This ultimately helps to strengthen the relationship between section members and Erasmus students. Also, together with the university’s International Office, they prepare Mobility Week. During this event, mobility is promoted in every possible way. The event includes workshops, appraising with the recruitment process and impact of mobility on people’s lives.

It is hard to believe but apart from the activities mentioned above, ESN-EYE is not behind with other ESN projects. Regarding the ExchangeAbility programme, there are events like Mouth Painting and a Dinner in the Dark in cooperation with ESN UŁ. They also arrange a Charity Collection for the Orphanage, Shelter Dogs Walking and also took part in ESN Poland’s event “100 for 100” campaign, organising SocialErasmus events for 10 years of SocialErasmus in Poland.

ESN-EYE has had its representation in the National Board and even in the International Board. Current Communication Manager from the IB, Kacper Olczyk, comes from this section. In addition, the members attend many ESN events on the national and international levels such as CEP (Central European Platform), AGM, Eduk8 and National Platforms and workshops. And around 20 members are present in ESN international committees. It is also the first Polish section offering internships for international interns.

To keep members updated and acquaint them more with how ESN works, there are ESNdays prepared, where the role of national and international committees is presented. Every Tuesday there are Wtorki z Wiki” (“Tuesdays with Wiki”) which are emails with information from ESN Wiki.

All in all, ESN-EYE organises countless events and activities for its members, ESNers and international students. Furthermore, they try to implement activities based on the Causes of ESN and promote them. Every semester they have between 80 and 115 newbies because they put an emphasis on the recruitment process. As you can see ESN-EYE is unstoppable and its members do their best in every aspect of their work. 

Written by Lucie Vachova

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In 2018, Eurosender helped Erasmus students save 100.000 EUR!

ESN Germany News - Sun, 27/01/2019 - 17:45
Eurosender, the leading platform for shipping services in Europe, has helped Erasmus students to save 100.000 EUR in shipping costs last year, reaching the milestone for the first time. The company currently partners with 54 national and local Erasmus Student Network (ESN) sections from 19 different European countries. Eurosender enables ESN members to redeem exclusive discounts on all shipping services, including package and luggage delivery. “Being an Erasmus student myself I have seen first-hand how indispensable ESN organizations are for international students. I am, therefore, personally excited that Eurosender has become part of the community by making student exchanges even more enjoyable and affordable,” says Tim Potocnik, CEO and cofounder. He also reaffirms commitment to support ESNs activities in the future. “We will continue sponsoring projects and events wherever we can,” Potocnik adds. Eurosender intermediates the shipping of any item, from 2kg packages to furniture and van delivery. The company contracts the world’s most respected courier providers (among which DHL, Kuehne+Nagel, DPD…) and boasts of 70 percent lower prices compared to standard courier rates while offering support in 16 languages. The team acknowledged the 100.000 EUR target by preparing a short report on student shipping habits, based on the shipping requests to Eurosender’s customer support and sales departments*.   See the below infographic for more details. Please note that Eurosender does not recommend shipping liquids and food.    

In 2018, Eurosender helped Erasmus students save 100.000 EUR!

ESN Germany News - Sun, 27/01/2019 - 17:45
Eurosender, the leading platform for shipping services in Europe, has helped Erasmus students to save 100.000 EUR in shipping costs last year, reaching the milestone for the first time. The company currently partners with 54 national and local Erasmus Student Network (ESN) sections from 19 different European countries. Eurosender enables ESN members to redeem exclusive discounts on all shipping services, including package and luggage delivery. “Being an Erasmus student myself I have seen first-hand how indispensable ESN organizations are for international students. I am, therefore, personally excited that Eurosender has become part of the community by making student exchanges even more enjoyable and affordable,” says Tim Potocnik, CEO and cofounder. He also reaffirms commitment to support ESNs activities in the future. “We will continue sponsoring projects and events wherever we can,” Potocnik adds. Eurosender intermediates the shipping of any item, from 2kg packages to furniture and van delivery. The company contracts the world’s most respected courier providers (among which DHL, Kuehne+Nagel, DPD…) and boasts of 70 percent lower prices compared to standard courier rates while offering support in 16 languages. The team acknowledged the 100.000 EUR target by preparing a short report on student shipping habits, based on the shipping requests to Eurosender’s customer support and sales departments*.   See the below infographic for more details. Please note that Eurosender does not recommend shipping liquids and food.    

The Economist

Partner ESN Germany - Thu, 24/01/2019 - 09:52

The Economist sets a different standard. As the next generation of opinion leaders, it's important you stay up-to-date on what's happening around the globe. Each week, The Economist spans everything from European and world news, politics, business and finance, science, technology and the arts.

Available in print-only, digital-only or as a print and digital package, you have the opportunity to enjoy The Economist's stimulating debate, intelligent insight and genuine quality however you wish whether you're at home, at university or travelling. And now digital subscriptions also include The Economist Espresso, our daily app for smartphones.

Section in the Spotlight, January 2019: ESN Porto!

ESN International news - Tue, 15/01/2019 - 11:34

Our network consists of sections and volunteers who work hard to provide an amazing time for their exchange students, but every now and then, one takes the spotlight with their outstanding work. This time, the section that shines the most is ESN Porto!

ESN Porto is the oldest section in Portugal and was founded in 1991. Throughout its long history, the section has organised numerous national and international events. It all started in 1995 with the organisation of an AGM - this also happened to be the year in which the President of ESN AISBL was from the University of Porto. In more recent times, ESN Porto is proud to have organised a Council of National Representatives (CNR) in 2009, another CNR in 2014 and the International Erasmus Games in 2016. Last year they had the opportunity to organise the Portuguese National Platform of March 2018 and, last but not least, SWEP Porto 2018, an event that received great feedback regarding the OC, logistics, and Social Programme.

Considering the number of ESN events held by the section, one would assume that ESN Porto is a large team, but in fact, they currently have only 45 members. The board consists of five members - President, VP, Treasurer, LR and Events Manager. Also, there are coordinators for HR, Communication, Projects, Partnerships, Activities, and Parties departments. Each department has a board supervisor. They also have 2 support positions - Education Officer and Secretary, and two working webzine groups - ESN Porto Green and IT Taskforce. 

All members are encouraged to participate in national and international events, which is supported by the board and results in a large number of volunteers going all around Europe to receive training and connect with the rest of the network.

“Motivating the members to experience the national and international level is something we really put a lot of effort into”, says Eduardo Ribeiro, the Local Representative, and it really shows. ESN Porto members went to all the national and a number of international events, including the NEC Winter Meeting and the Eduk8 Autumn training in Vienna. 
Such active participation in events motivates the members to take part in the work of ESN on the national and international levels too. As far as the national level goes, this year one of ESN Porto’s members is in the National Board as the VP, and they also have a member in the Audit team, an Education Officer for Community Development and a member of the National ComCom. On the International level, ESN Porto has three members in NEC and one in ITcom.

ESN Porto is a dream come true not only for ESNers but for exchange students too! Every weekend, ESN Porto organises a trip, usually in Portugal but also to Spain. On top of that, at least one cultural activity is held every week, while Wednesdays and weekends are reserved for parties. Each semester starts with a bang, as in 2016 ESN Porto decided to upgrade their welcome period game and turn Welcome Week into a Welcome Month, with events organised almost every day for the whole month!  No wonder ESN Porto students are #ErasmusAddicted - the section’s motto that was created in 2011 and which features on the section’s t-shirts which say “Erasmus Addicted/Please send me back to Porto”.

ESN Porto takes care that the Erasmus experience isn’t only about partying and travelling, but also investing in the future - the section collaborates with universities and companies in the field of education and promotes employability events, thus providing a good opportunity for their Erasmus students to find a job and stay in Portugal.

There is no lack of socially sensitive events either, as ESN Porto regularly cooperates with various associations and provides Erasmus students with all kinds of opportunities to make the world a little better. Spending time with the elderly at the daycare centre; helping the homeless by distributing food once per week; volunteering with children with cancer or drug addicts - the choice is up to you.

As you can see, in ESN Porto, everyone can find their own perfect event. However, the event that proved to be the most popular and is their flagship event, the “Portuguese night”! During this night, students spend time in a house decorated with symbols and figures of Portugal, while trying all the Portuguese dishes and enjoying musical and other performances. This event won the Portuguese StarAwards (Lobos d’ouro) as the best event of the year, and other sections aim to organise it as well in the future.

With such a huge range of activities, you may wonder how the members keep themselves motivated.
The answer is: with lots of team-building, learning about ESN together, creating bonds with the newbies, and trainings! Their own ESN Porto Academy happens every week and serves to polish their members’ skills in event planning, communication, and their ESN knowledge.

Does ESN Porto sound like a great team to you? There are a couple of ways to join them! Apart from becoming a regular member, you can join as an Erasmus intern or an EVS volunteer. So far, ESN Porto has received three Erasmus interns (office administrator, photographer and videographer), and has also been accredited as a coordinating, sending, and receiving EVS organization, which means it is able to send and take in volunteers funded by the Erasmus+ programme for a certain period of time.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you that ESN Porto is a team of hard workers, take a look at some numbers: each year, they work with 15 universities and 30 local partners for 3500 Erasmus students, organise 2 Welcome Months, 80 activities, 25 trips, 38 parties, 20 international projects activities, sell 3000 ESNcards, have 2 recruitment periods, 12 teambuilding activities, 2 weekend retreats, and 15 trainings. 

It is very easy to say that each ESN Porto member is #ErasmusAddicted.

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TK Deutschland

Partner ESN Germany - Tue, 04/12/2018 - 20:03

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is a German health insurance company and a partner of ESN Germany. TK offers health insurance, which is mandatory for studying in Germany, for international students and guiding information in at least German and English to get healthily through the stay abroad.
TK also offers cooperation in your local town - as a partner for the local section and for the local students. If you have questions about health insurance and health in general, you are welcome to reach out. If you have questions about the cooperation, just contact the National Board.


Study on 'wanderlust'

ESN Germany News - Sun, 16/09/2018 - 20:35

We at ESN Germany are dedicated to offering you the best ERASMUS experience we can. To continuously improve our program – evaluation is key. Therefore, this year we have partnered with social scientists from the University of Cambridge, UK for a joint online assessment to better understand how you experience your time in Germany.

To provide us with some feedback on your well-being and cultural adjustment you will be answering a short battery of questions at four times ranging from shortly before you arrive to a few weeks after you will have returned to your home country.


Please click on the link below to get started with the first assessment and help us to help you and those who follow you to have an unforgettable time abroad. After all, that’s what the spirit of ERASMUS is all about.

Start the survey

PS: Whichever of the 35 participating ESN Germany sections gets the most students to complete all four assessments is in for a 500€ reward. So go out there and make your ERASMUS friends and hosts proud!